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Originally Posted by BlueLghtning View Post
Anyone have an issue with their SMH10 draining the battery while not in use?

My wife's unit seems to be killing its battery even if not powered on for a week or so. My unit in the same time frame has no issues. Even if I use mine and don't charge it, it still has juice and her's just completely dies without being used. It is winter time, so we aren't using them as much, but this is the 2nd time we've noticed her unit completely dead when we went to use them.

My wife's SMH10 unit did get rather wet to the point it stopped working last year (Sept time period) during a full day of heavy rain and I thought it was dead, but with the help of Sena and doing a reset, I was able to bring it back to life and its worked fine since then other than just noticing this battery drain issue here recently. I'm starting to wonder if there is any corrosion or something inside the unit or some other damage from the water? Other than that, the unit actually works fine. We haven't been on any long trips or even used them all day in awhile to know if it still lasts all day, but I might have to try that and see.

Is there a way to measure across certain pins while the unit is off if there is a measurable drain of power to give myself a starting point to look at?
You still have some moisture inside the unit. You might notice the LED glowing very dimly when it's off but the moisture is what is discharging the battery. After this amount of time you may indeed have some irreversible corrosion but you want to get it absolubtely dry inside irregardless. If you have lots of patience, open the charging port and set it in a warm place like on top of a computer monitor for a few days. Otherwise open it up with a small allen wrench or torx driver and air it out in a warm, dry place. You have to be very careful prying the two halves apart as you can damage the pins.
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