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Originally Posted by bk brkr baker View Post

Agree with all your points, but inspection may be over-rated.
This is my XV in Canada in 2011 on it's way home via Mexico. The bike is 32 years old and the chain in the case is the O.E.M. original.There is a sticker on the case that says to replace the chain at 30,000 though I've heard of others getting 50,000 from a chain.Another thing is the replacement will be cheap because it's specified a non O-ring chain.
Mine now has 35,000 and I'm going to replace it for peace of mind.

And Pigford, shafts are for Guzzi's Beemer twins and cars.
Yeah. I was referring primarily to normal exposed chain drive systems when I mentioned inspections. It takes about 3 seconds to bend down and check the chain tension. Adjustments are required on occasion, but by keeping track of how much you have adjusted it and keeping an eye on the wear rate and sprocket teeth it's pretty simple to know when it should be replaced. Not so with a shaft system. You have no idea how healthy it is until it fails. Just do a search for "BMW final drive failure" if your unfamiliar with this phenomenon. Of course other manufacturers have had issue too. For example, here's a good thread about the Guzzi CARC system... Yep, a chain is so much easier, and cheaper, to deal with.

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