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Originally Posted by Saget View Post
I'm happy to report that this theory has now been flight tested and proven to be true. I was flying my hex this morning when this happened:

It was the number 1 motor, the one right in the front. The hex pitched forward about 45 degrees before the controller got it leveled back out. It wasn't the best handling aircraft at that point, but it was controllable enough to get it back on the ground. Not a pretty landing, but gentle enough not to hurt anything. With a trike or quad it would have been a disaster.

A little soldering and double-checking of all the other connections and it's back to normal.
Cool it recovered.

Everything gets the 'tug test' on my planes especially if I didn't solder it, you should have seen the nasty solder joint to one of the pots in my DX5 tx...

I had a bad solder joint on a Deans connector on a battery I bought almost kill one of my planes- I hadn't tug/flex tested it in awhile.
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