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Originally Posted by slartidbartfast View Post
You still have some moisture inside the unit. You might notice the LED glowing very dimly when it's off but the moisture is what is discharging the battery. After this amount of time you may indeed have some irreversible corrosion but you want to get it absolubtely dry inside irregardless. If you have lots of patience, open the charging port and set it in a warm place like on top of a computer monitor for a few days. Otherwise open it up with a small allen wrench or torx driver and air it out in a warm, dry place. You have to be very careful prying the two halves apart as you can damage the pins.
That's what I'm wondering. After the incident with the rain, I left it in a bowl of rice for about 2wks to help dry and draw the moisture out. I've seen the glowing LED like you mentioned after it got wet, so I know what to look for there. It doesn't do that now. I'd really be surprised if there is still moisture in there after that much time, but corrosion I could definitely see happening over time.

The other OP about making sure its shut off might be a good point too. I need to make sure she isn't leaving her helmet on by mistake. (SMH)

I'm trying an experiment right now and actually have the unit off the helmet for this week fully charged and I know its off. I want to see what it says the battery power is after sitting for a week without use.
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