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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
I have to say this, so take with grain of salt "ish". If you have followed me at all on this site, you already know my dad & I (he's 77 years old now) got rid of out 76, and 79 Sherpa-T's respectively, and returned to trials competition. Yes we rode and practiced trials on our old T's, and 10 year old techniques. Yes this was in 2001 or so... I got a 1999 gasgas 321, He's retired so you might say we shared it, he rode it a lot while I slaved away at work (LOL). Mind you, he's thinking at the time, he'll just putter around, and watch me.
That didnt last long.

I think it was 3 months later he went and bought a 2000 model 321, and we're both competing every since.

BTW it is addicting!!!

SO, Unless you are absolutely like not interested in trials now, then:

Get a new style bike if you can, get to one of the NTTA events, make some friends. I think you will enjoy the hell out of it.

By the way, Look for a younger guy names Shawn, he's revamping the hell out of the NTTA's website, he was into 2shocks, bought a newer beta and he's really getting good quick on it. I wish I lived closer to where he does.

Then sometimes this summer we might meet, when Dad & I travel to the NTTA's hosting of the Central Regionals, that is held up on red river, probably this april or may?
That was about what I figured might happen. I got the Reflex started the other night. Still got some more to do before it's usuable. One reason I got it is because my daughter, now 39 yo, said she wanted to ride again. She used to ride with me some when she was 12 on a XR100. I don't need much excuse to get a new Bike/project. I've been checking CL for newer trials bikes but don't know enough about the different models to make a smart choice yet. I know I don't want one that needs race gas and is really on the edge of reliable. Think I'll tinker around with this one for a while till I get a feel for the modern stuff. I checked out the new NTTA web site, looks much better, and some of those old pics are very familar. I won an enduro at Bulcher (Red River) in "74 on my "72 Ossa Pioneer. Pure luck. Back then all we had was a route holder and a stop watch ( which I still have BTW). Hope to meet you and your dad at the Central Regionals, and with a little luck, I'll have something better to ride by then.
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