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Originally Posted by beewill View Post
"Frackmobile", I love it. I'm a big fan of JT and his crew's work. It was the SB8R that drew my attention first, what a beauty as well.
Yeah - as you may have guessed, JT's a neighbor of mine and the night that photo was taken, I let him have a go on the 990. He'd ridden a 950 back when they first came to the US, and liked it lot, but this was his first time on the big Katoom since then and his maiden FI Adventure... Let alone one with a Remus pipe, hi-flow filter, proper suspension, Rekluse clutch and 'R' spec remap .

Direct quote after he'd been for a hoon around The Big Easy on my bike (largely on the back wheel too I might add):

"Man... What a cool, cool motorcycle. That is cool. Now I gotta have one."

Just out of shot in the photo is the LC4 Duke, which he bought in '95 or something, even though he described it as "unrideable" at the time. There was no TuneECU type things then, so that was quickly corrected by ripping out the FI and installing race carbs, along with pulling quite a few of the engine internals, which he 'lightened up" considerably, removing the rev limiter in the process. It definitely rides now...

Just wait till you see what he's up to at the moment: If you're ever down this way, gimme a shout.

OK. Threadjack over!
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