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Originally Posted by ScottDill View Post
Since this is the ALL things automotive thread, can we at least agree that this is the coolest and best looking racing car of all time?

Alright, where the flock did you take this. I'm a frequent visitor to the Henry Ford Museum (at which this car is on "permanent" display) and for the last year this baby has supposedly been on a temporary trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed (just how long does GFS last?). Pisses me off as the Lotus 38, the '67 LeMans winning Mark IV and the Allegheny 1601 are my primary reasons for visiting.

Looks wise, I prefer the Lotus 49 over the 38, although the differences are subtle, and I think Gurney's AAR Eagle has them both beat by a fair bit. The Weslake 12 in the Eagle even sounds way better (when it ran) than the glorious DFV too.
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