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Originally Posted by TekurRides View Post
I am really sorry if this had been discussed earlier. I tried to search the thread and read as much as I could but the search tool really sucks.

Here's the deal, I got a 2012 T800XC in November and absolutely love the bike. I call her Scarlet . I did my first off road session in Jan having had absolutely no dirt experience. Just loved the experience and would like to continue to do it. Right now the only dirt oriented mod I have done is to install the HT engine guards. Next up will be new sump guard, hand guards and tires. With respect to tires, I guess TKC 80 seems to be the most popular for the front. However I noticed that Michelin T63 seems to have similar thread pattern and is available for a little more than half the cost of TKC 80. Since I will be spending a lot on other mods, unfortunately $ are of much significance. How much of a compromise is it to use a T63 on the tiger? anyone with experience in this regards? Any draw backs? Are there other cheaper alternatives that I need to consider. Or do you think compromising on the Tire is a mistake and I should go for the TKC 80.

Also, regarding hand guards, of course bark busters are the one I want but Twisted Throttle are out of stock and are getting a shipment only in 2nd week of March. I will be going to the noob rally in Death Valley at the end of march. Are there other alternatives to consider? How hard were they put on the Tiger?

I am a total noob so any and all suggestions will be highly appreciated. Again I apologize if these topics were discussed earlier.

The T63 is too small for the Tiger. Hell, it's rather too small on my TE630, but it works so well I used them up on it.

A shinko 705, or even better the Fullbore M40 will work on the rear. TKC up front. If you really want a knobby then Kenda BB, or Scorpion Rally. If you can get Mitas the Eo9 would also be good. A K60 rear works well road or dirt, so that's a good choice, although I shy away from the price and the mounting difficulty for flat repairs in the field. The advantage here is you could run a road tire up front with it for hiway, and a TKC with it for more offroad ventures.

Other handguards should work, but can't say right off the top of my head.
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