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Hola amigos,

Spent the day trying to keep up with Orlando. Starting with cafe con leche at 5:30AM down at the corner panderia. Headed over to get my clean clothes and took a ride up the teleferica cable car up to the top of the mountain with beautiful views out over the city. I am at an internet cafe that doesn't have wifi so pics will come later.

Headed over to visit Orlando's lovely daughter Karina and took the bus out south to visit Eduardo and see how the front forks are coming along. He was almost done. When he called this afternoon, he said I can pick them up tomorrow morning. So should have the Sherpa back together by tomorrow night.

I can hardly believe I got here yesterday and the Sherpa will be totally fixed in two days. They move fast around here. And this guy Eduardo is an old school mechanical genius. The only thing I'll be lacking is a speedo since the electronic sending unit on the original wheel was smashed. But Eduardo is putting on a mechanical Suzuki unit with the new hub, so I might strap on a different speedo. All I really would like is an odometer so I can keep track of kilometers traveled. I can tell how fast I'm going by the sound of the motor in 6th gear.

Other than that not much to report. Just having fun meeting people and hanging out people watching. My boots had some seams coming apart so I superglued them. And bought some black polish and spiffed them up since the ladies keep staring at my feet. They are really into shoes around here. And tight pants. They look painted on. Not sure how the women get them on. And yes Colombiana women are beautiful.

I'll try to post up some pictures of Sherpa rehab tomorrow.

Buenos noches,
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