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Those long sweeping topes were jumps for me, the real bumpy ones I took pitty on my suspension compared to quite a few KLR riders I met (AND THEY have suspension issues...), but most of them I also used as passing opportunities.

Everybody thinks Mexicans are crazy drivers, but that's because (as you mentioned earlier) they haven't been in traffic with them. What they do works, and works very well. I could go through cities faster then I could ever imagine in a N.A city. Pass cars on highways with ease, and let cars faster than me (which most were) with ease.

I cruised at 90-95 KM/hr on the highway because of my gearing and I barely slowed anybody down. I'd pull over and they would go by on the highways, sometiems as you mentioned, 4 vehicles across.

Come speed bumps I'd bomb right by again, but once on the highway I just pulled over again and they'd go right on by without having to get off speed control. Loved it!

I'll fully admit coming back into the states I felt very restricted... =(
When Matt W and I were evaluating the differences between Mexican and U.S. traffic habits, he had the best description...he said that Mexican traffic rules are purely optional! And I think that's fitting! If you feel like proceeding through a red light after stopping, you go ahead. If you feel like passing on the left or the right or up the center, you go ahead. The curious lane usage still gets me chuckling when I see a vehicle riding half on the shoulder and half in the lane...I realize that it's to give a passing vehicle more room, but it's still curious to me. I must say that because there are more moto's on Mexican roads, car and truck drivers are generally more aware and more respectful of us. I feel safer knowing that. And as you pointed out, although traffic patterns at times appear very confusing, it works and works well!
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