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Originally Posted by Carter Pewterschmidt View Post
As I said before, some of you are very headstrong about this operations success, but none of you are willing to put your money where your mouth is. You all just assume that someone else will buy what they're selling so you don't need to help. This mentality makes you look like the people who drive by a stranded car and think that someone else will help them. If that's the case then fine, but then you shouldn't be the ones talking. Motus isn't going to get by on the smoke your blowing.
I was in, up to $25k. Didn't care how far the dealer was away... as and I own two guzzis.

You also assume there were investers. Where did you get this from? What if the owners fronted most of the cash? Would that change your tune? The concept of this bike is not for you. Move along.
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