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Originally Posted by Aargee View Post
Please...RENT a bike in India that should solve most of the headaches than buying & then selling one; the trick to rent a bike is negotiate, negotiate & negotiate for a best price.
For riding within India for a decent period of time, I would not say that renting is that much easier or better.

Most rental places require massive deposits (50% or more of bike value) and pretty much all the rental places are small operators and they all try to screw every tourist as best they can so it's probably not going to be that easy to get that deposit back in full. If you manage to find a place that will rent you a decent bike like Pulsar 220 without putting down a very big deposit, please let us know. Maybe they're more flexible on the deposit for an ancient Enfield...

In part because of this, I ended up buying. You still end up paying too much when you buy, and you end up selling for a low price, but it comes out better financially and you don't have to think about anything. You have no obligations to anyone.

If you buy, make sure you know exactly how the paperwork looks, and you know exactly what should be signed and what shouldn't be signed and where. They are super picky and it will cause you problems if things aren't perfect when you try to sell. But you can step into any place and buy a motorcycle in 1 hour and be ready to go. It takes about the same amount of time to sell it back. The only thing that adds time is finding the bike you actually want at a price you want.
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