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Yeah, those are a nice option on the 48 as well. I like the looks of my wire spoked wheels but I much prefer tubeless tires. Tubes are a real PITA if you ever get a flat out on the road! At least with tubeless you have a good chance of plugging and riding on to get it fixed properly. Tubes are also much more likely to lose air suddenly, which could be very dangerous.

Absolutely. Have a flat out on the road with tube type tires, and you're screwed big time. I can already hear somebody suggesting laying that beauty on it's side to get the wheels off. Sadly, for those who like wire spoke wheels, it is easy and inexpensive to make them for tubeless tires. BMW has been doing it for a long time. The R1200C had tubeless tires on wire spoked wheels. Nobody else seems to care enough to do it.
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