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Originally Posted by tilliejacques View Post
Does anyone know for sure if the G-Midland have a shank, steel or otherwise?

I love my Balance Oileds but want to keep them for trials; that softer sole is fantastic for feel in sections but I hate to "waste" it on dual sport rides.

And, I want more protection on DS rides for higher speed uh, "bike naps". The G-Midland sounds very good for the type of riding I do but there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to the shank question.

Hello tilliejacques.

The G-Midland is more rigid in the midsole than the Balance, but does not have a steel shank. I do not know of any dual sport, adventure touring, or touring boots that do.

My feeling is that you might be better off with one of the softer MX boots (as opposed to a stiffer DS boot). For more aggressive terrain and / or riding, the additional height and plastic is a really, really good idea, and if you choose model carefully they can still be reasonable to walk in.

Tabasco, I don't disagree with your decision to wear SG10s, more protection is always better. That said, the G-Midland is much stiffer than the Balance....but both are MUCH stiffer than the Adventure. In our findings, the G-Adventure is very, very soft, too soft in our opinion for anything other than very light offroad (if that). Sole, ankle, toe, the G-Adventure is really the point we call each customer that orders them to make sure they are aware of this.

The Balance is a step firmer than the Adventure especially at the sole, because of its Goodyear welt construction. The Midland is a good step more rigid than the Balance, especially at the ankle.




Hope that helps.


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