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Never having owned a Subaru before I'm curious to hear others thoughts, especially on the newer models.

This car is tantamount to a jacked-up Impreza hatchback.

If you actually go off road maybe the few inches of extra ground clearance
matters, but otherwise an Impreza with conventional ride height is the car
that makes more sense in most driving scenarios because it will handle better
on most any paved road.

The all wheel drive system in a Subaru is excellent and works better than
many so-called AWD systems found in other vehicles. Unlike some vehicles
which drive the front or rear wheels only until the ABS computer detects
wheel speed differences and invokes the "AWD" system, the Subaru AWD
system is true all wheel drive, all the time, and this makes a significant
real-world difference in stability in tricky road conditions.

Subaru builds a great car. The head gasket issues are behind them, and it sounds
like you are ready to buy a new car so that should not be an issue in your case.

I prefer the lower ride height Impreza because I like to drive in a "sporty" manner,
but some folks are attracted to the added height of wannabe-SUVs like this one,
and for them Subaru makes the car you are considering. I don't think you can go
wrong if the Subaru in question has all the abilities you actually need and
all the features you want.


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