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Anyone dug up the science behind the "enzymes" yet? That's commonly used in diesel tanks to kill the the marine industry where I work anyway.Otherwise bacterial growth can sure plug up filters and lines.

Anyway, I just opened up the tank on my Canadian bike. Ran a lot of US gas in it last year and now seems to be a coating of "something" all over the tank.Slightly slimey at first but now dried out. Could it be bacterias....????? I could maybe find out if I can scrape some out and pass that on to my sister, that's what she does for a living, look at bacterias and assorted other cooties.

So maybe there could be something to Enzyme treatments. Hum....time to cut open that fuel filter anyway, hope it is cleaner than the last one I opened after much running on US gas.

I am not a big fan of Ethanol but even in the days before it, my Canadian specs R100GS never liked American gas in general, even with premium pinging and reduced performance happened all too often down there. Not so much with this EFI bike, only once with high altitude gasoline and could have been a fluke fron filling up in an out of the way place but fuel milleage sure drops when I am down there.
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