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-Enough sack and stopping power to pull a small trailer with two dirt bikes or one supertanker. (total ~1200 max).

I'd at least test drive the WRX hatchback.

The non-STi version is what I mean.

It has significantly more power and that will make towing a breeze. It also meets
all your other requirements. Sure, the lowest-power Subaru will tow a couple
of dirt bikes, but when you need to pass on an uphill you might wish for more
power than the engine has, and that can be frustrating. I tow two dirt bikes with
a hatchback which has 140hp so I know about this firsthand, and I have often
wished for more power when towing, but rarely wished for more power otherwise.

Your list of requirements makes it obvious ( to me anyway ) that some Subaru is
the car for you, and the only question is "which Subaru". If you want to stuff
bicycles inside the vehicle, a Forester might be worth a look, but I think roof racks
for carrying bicycles make more sense than stuffing the bicycles inside a vehicle,
especially if they are mountain bikes and covered with mud.

It's hard to beat the all-around utility of a small hatchback. The hatchback body makes
a lot of things easier, like pulling into a small parking spot, or making a trip to Home
Depot when you don't want to hook up a trailer but need to carry a dozen sticks
of lumber home.


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