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I too have taken an interest in the Cross Trek. I am currently driving a Nissan Frontier and while it does a whole lot more than I actually need it to, the big downside for me is the mileage. That being said, I can't get away from a truck if it doesn't have some trailer pulling capacity. While the Cross Trek supposedly has a 1500 lb. capacity, I came from a 1st gen. Xterra prior to the Frontier and it had absolutely no guts when towing and that was with a V6 and more horsepower. It wasn't that it didn't have the grunt to pull a trailer, it was just that if you did much of your hauling on the interstate, it left you feeling like you were going 35 in a 100mph zone. Dirty looks and fist-shaking aside, you will feel like you are taking your life in your hands.
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