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I have a 2011 Burgman 650

I had 2008 until a gal on a cell phone hit me after ignoring a stop sign. The B650 is big and heavy. The stock suspension is lousy but Recetec and Ikon have the parts that remedy that. The seat is not comfortable but Corbin has a nice fix for that. Every time I get the urge for something else, the trade offs and cost get in the way. The running boards are great on long trips to move your feet and legs around. Most of the time I leave the panniers off and have lots of room under the seat. I added heated seats and grip plus wind deflectors for hands and legs. Some don't like the stock windshield but for me it's just right esp. Since it's electrically adjustable. On the highway, it holds its own even with a passenger. Slow speeds takes some getting used to esp. in tight places -- the Motorman handling videos are a great help, not unlike with a big Harley.

On twisty roads on-up it's a great handler. My previous BMS K1200LT was very similar, but 300 pounds heavier and quite a handful. The 2013 looks a little nicer, but not enough different to trade. The transmission is the same, just reworked shift points. Cost and functionality make it a winner. It's not going to win in any shoot out, but it does so much well that it's not something I'm going to part with. That is, unless the 2013 BMW R1200GS price is ridiculously low, but little chance of that!
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