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Originally Posted by LostViking View Post
Max has two in Troy, one white, one orange. Nice.
When I bought mine yesterday, I had my choice of either a white one or an orange one - they said those 2 were all Max had left in his sellable inventory and there are no more in the current pipeline. The NH store was shipping their last one over to NY for a customer. There's a couple of demos floating around Max's, but they can't sell those until they have 2000 miles on them. I took the orange one and even then they had to trailer it up from the Ct store to NH for me (nice guys by the way - and good service).

When I ordered the bags for it, the parts guy said there are only 3 sets in the US inventory and none in Germany so who knows. I'm told that the reason for the shortage is that they released it worldwide and since the US is only about 15% of BMW's market, we get that percentage of bikes.

As a side: I was over your way last year for a week of riding on my RT. You got some GREAT roads over there. I thought we had some pretty good riding up here, but your roads are just as good and are in better shape.
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