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Electric Water Pump

The bike: 2005 Dakar with 260,000 kms (had it since new).

Averaging 50,000 kms out of the OEM water pump kit, however the last one only got 8,000 kms. I think the shaft bush in the cover plate is now knackered. The impeller shaft gears have also been replaced.

Iím getting sick of the original system (and its inherent faults) and thinking of installing a Davies Graig electric water pump (the 9001 kit). Flow rate = 15 litres/min @ 10 kPa. Max current = 1.3A. Operating voltage = 9V DC to 15V DC. Weight = 245 grams, hose size = 19mm. Overall size = 97mm x 85mm. Motor = 12V brushless. Operating temp = -40 to 120 degrees C.

My questions: Has anyone else done this? If so, how did you mount the pump? Can the pump simply be mounted in line? How did you plug the existing hole in the side case for the impeller shaft? Will it be OK to wire it up so that it activates with ignition? Will the flow rate be adequate?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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