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Originally Posted by beardothebeardo View Post
Love that paint scheme.

I work at a dealer and the thing that pisses me off, is the death of the stardard Harley, i.e. short/no suspension.

You plan on raising the bike at all?
Ditto. Paint looks awesome!

I agree about the suspension. Somewhere along the way it seems that H-D forgot they were building motorcycles and decided to focus on fashion accessories. But, I guess the market speaks... Surprisingly enough, if you spend much time on xlforum or other H-D specific forums, you'll find a lot of people actually LOWERING the 48, 72, and other already too low, bikes! Of course I guess if your idea of going "riding" is just a quick blast down to the local bar for a few beers and a ball game... Then standing around out in the parking lot pointing and talking about how "cool it looks"...


I can't wait to get longer Ohlins on the back and longer damper rods, Intiminators, and springs up front! I can't stand the bone jarring I take at the smallest sharp edged bump in the road. And I'd like to gain some cornering clearance too.

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