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In a similar line are the Jeep Patriot and Compass. I liked my '10 Compass enough to replace it with a '12. I had the 5 speed 2.4L AWD both times. The '10 regularly returned 27 mpg once I got through the first few oil changes. The '12 I'm topping out at 25 mpg so far but I only have 3500 miles on it so far and it is winter so there is typically some warm up time every morning. It is primarily FWD and variably engages the rear wheels as needed. It is not a "smart" system in that it has open diffs front and rear but I haven't found it lacking in any commuting conditions up here in NY near the Canadian/VT boarder. I have a hitch on it but haven't towed yet but it has more HP and more torque than my Stratus had with the same size motor and I pulled a Kendon bike trailer and 2 KLX 250's from here to NJ and back on the interstate with no problem.

A few weeks back we got hit with a nasty storm and had a total of 16" of snow dumped over 2 days and I had to pull out my landlord's plow truck when the front end let go in the neighbors drive way. He was able to push the snow back a ways and then the front drive went out on the short box Silverado. The snow was over top of the plow and he was totally buried and the wee little Compass pulled out.

The seats fold completely flat and if you get a model above the Sport (I have the Sport) you get the fold flat front seat but even without it you can fit 8' long lumber in and close the hatch.

It's not very sporty but dropping to 3rd or 4th when passing will get you by pretty quickly and about 80mph pretty easy.

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