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Originally Posted by GearHeadGrrrl View Post
First, how will you transfer Rick to the sidecar? Maybe a Hoyer lift if there's one handy, or at least a couple strong folks. Second, from the looks of his seating system Rick has pretty serious stability and positioning challenges. I'd try to copy the positioning setup on his wheelchair, and maybe various foams would be best to work with as they're fairly easy to cut and manipulate to the desired shapes. We have any OTs, PTs, orthotists, etc. here that can offer some advice? And of course the foremost expert to consult is Rick- he knows best what works for him.
Having spent allot of time in hospital myself Rick would be able to tell you how best to support him when he's in the sidecar, and perhaps he owns a hoyer lift, but the transfer will be the difficult part and require a lift or several strong helpers.Worthy cause though.DB
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