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Ok, windscreen buffeting has never really bothered me before. I've had enough of it on this bike though - not because it's uncomfortable, but it's just SO LOUD. I read the other day that a tall screen (which I already have) with a laminar lip (85 bucks from Happy Trail solves the issue. 85 bones (or clams, or whatever you call them) is worth it, but I'm moving here soon-like, so I was going to wait to buy it until I get into the new house...

...until, I ran across the factory screen while moving stuff from the garage to the new storage unit. Maybe I can just make one???

Can't be that hard - so I cut some plastic off the bottom of the screen with a band saw, and remove the backside vinyl; the leftover residue comes of with great difficulty, even with GooGone. The plastic I cut off will later be needed... in my infinite wisdom I broke the screen while drilling. Using the plastic as backing, I riveted it back together. Unsightly, but functional... I don't care what motor is in there - it's still a KLR at heart.

Some scrap steel tubing will do the job - cut and waiting for paint:


A short test ride proves my troubles to be over... with wind noise anyway. Still thinking about getting the mapping set with a Dyno... I think I should sync the TB's first though. I've never done it - read about it a few times though. Seems simple, but it's been busy here lately.

Oh, forgot to mention, seeings how this is now my mx log - fresh oil today! 11.5k on the clock (not actual), which means 2.5k since the last oil change, I think. She probably didn't need new lube, but I like the way she shifts with new stuff and I'm losing my garage soon - so why not? Doubled up crush washers this time, since I really had to tighten the plug last time to keep her from leaking (thanks to my drain shortening shenanigans). What a day... great success, all around.

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