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Originally Posted by Queen of Spades View Post
Update - got the switch back together last week with a light coat of di-electric grease on the internal connector plates (after first lightly cleaning them with a metal scotch brite pad).

Findings tonight:

Before turning the bike over, I connected my multimeter red terminal to the blue/white female connector, and the mm black terminal to the battery NEG post. I read 11.x volts, whether the key was on or not. (?)

I reconnected the blue/white connector at the coil, then started the bike up - it ran for maybe 10 seconds before dying. Confirmed no spark by using a timing induction light.

Disconnected blue/white at coil, and repeated first test above. This time it read ~50 mv or so. I also noticed a distinct whine coming from the area of the CDI (on the left side near the battery). This whine was not audible when I performed the first test.

Is this whining noise normal? Could it be related to the drop in voltage at the blue/white wire?
You have to be careful when testing wires around the CDI, it is not unheard to fry the thing and they are quite expensive to replace...

A few pages back I mentioned for you to visually inspect the stator and pickup coil, have you done that? I have seen more than a few times where the stator/ pickup running surfaces were scored up and gave intermittent electrical problems similar to what you have been describing...

It is very easy to remove the stator/cover { 4 bolts} and if your careful you may get away with reusing the gasket... You'll have to remove the counter sprocket cover as well...
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