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great response vtbob, just the kind of info I was looking for. I want tubeless tires, period, I don't want to have to pull a tire off to repair a tube. I have a r1200 gs now and do love it but getting tired of wrestling it around. I got it for long distance touring and after a trip cross country last year realize that's not my thing but want something stable on road to get to my offloading dirt and gravel and some jeep trails riding. I think cast wheels will be ok. I had a klx 250 and love that offroad but what a pain on road. seems like I'm looking for a bike that doesn't exist, 400 lbs, tubeless tires half decent suspension and fuel injected.

I have my F650GS set up for long distance "road" adventure touring. this past summer I and two friends did the alaska trip from vermont. One had a brand new R1200GSA nice bike but BIG..he is 6 4 and young so it is ok. I'm old and 5 9 so the f650 fits me fine. 10,000 miles, crused across the candian plains at 75 to 85...several 500 +mile days.
I did put on K60s for this trip so it would be better on slick mud with the alaskan rain...yep we had some!
I have the Aeroflow touring wind screen and other aeroflow bits, Jesse bags, etc etc....this give me almost as much weather a fatigue protection as my old RT fairing.

Let us know what you decide
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