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Originally Posted by Reese View Post
Is it generally accepted that one should wait until after break in to start messing around with TuneECU?

I recently purchased a 2010 model year 990 adventure with 2 miles on the clock. It exhibits a lot of the quirks that I have read about in this thread and others, including hunting at idle, snatchy throttle, and surging at low speed. Minor irritations on an otherwise amazing bike.

I have also read that these things sort themselves out after break in.

I had planned on putting the stock 2011/12 map on the bike but now wondering whether I'm jumping the gun.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Just do it! The 11 bikes have the better map from new, yours should too. Put the R map in it, more top end power. The S and R have the same engine.
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