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Eggy is with the Swamp Fox.
The movie " The Patriot " Mel Gibson's character, Benjamin Martin, is based partly on 4 real war heros.
Much of the events in the movie didn't happen, the burning of the church full of people, shooting Martin's son.etc.
The final battle is based on the battles at Cowpens and Guilford. Tactics used by the American's are still used and taught today. Withdrawing the center after 2 shots did happen. The Swamp fox wasn't in either battle. He commanded local unpaid militia and harrassed Cornwallis's outpost and supply lines. Cornwallis sent the real Colonel Banastre Tarleton to find them. Tarleton chased them thru the swamps for 26 miles before giving up. It was Tarelton that gave him his nom de guerre, when he swore, as for this damned old fox, the Devil himself could not catch him. The Swamp Fox used tactics he had learn from fighting Indians in the French and Indian War. He is credited in the lineage of the US army rangers.
Eggy is at his burial site.

You will find Eggy at the base of the large tree in the back right corner of the plot. You can see the tree to the right in the background from the front wheel of my bike.
Eggy is hiding at the base of the tree in back, behind the moss.

Have a good and safe ride. I am honored to have hosted Eggy, and to have visited the Swamp Fox. LW97
I'd rather be lost in the woods, than found at home.
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