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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
Ok, sounds like that could be it, not having had the SE very long I am still unfamiliar with it and finding my way around it so where would I find the fuel sensor? ..

Many thanks Andi
What Hodgo says +1

Also throw that little valve thingy away as its the cause for the fuel leak. At high temperatures and slow speed the combined heat does pressurize the tank a bit. If you stick to the original pipe setup it never happens but the fuel will run out if the bike is on its side.

You don't have to replace the O ring immediately but it is a good idea to do it when you can.You can also seal it additionally with some gasket sealant to improve the seal - look for a fuel resistant one.
Also keep an eye on the fuel hose as it comes out of the fuel tank at the bottom on the Safari tank. They are quite close to the brace and sometimes they will rub and eventually start leaking. Not a big problem just something to remember when you see fuel pissing out.
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