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My Life with a 2010 990 Adventure and TuneECU

I have a 2010 990 Adv. Ran glitchy for the first 200 miles. Put on a G2 Throttle tube which helped. Then it ran better for the next 5000. All with the stock map. Eventually it got up to 48 mpg. It always ran very good above 4000.

The worst was right at 3200-3500 rpm and 6-8% throttle. The ignition has a big advanced timing spike centered at 3500 rpm. On the ramp up (3200-3500) it had a very touchy throttle. On the ramp down (3500-4000) it seemed to have a huge flat spot, which took a lot more throttle. This is right at 55 mph.

At 9000 miles I did the first valve adjust, TPS adjust and throttle body sync with an electric gage. It ran better overall, but the timing spike was worse.

I then put on a 2-1 exhaust of my own making. I used most of the stock H pipe and gutted a stock muffler. This pipe has more of a 'boom box' than other pipes. You can hear it chug in the 3000-4000 rpm range.

I re-mapped it several times with TuneECU, cut the spike off the ignition, added fuel and it ran a little better.

Then I tried Power-Tripp's 2-1 map. It ran fantastic! This map had a vibration above 8000, which was probably due to my more restrictive muffler. It also had a lean spot right at 3000 and 8% throttle. So, I cut back the timing and fueling to stock above 8000. I also added about 2% fuel at 3000/8%.

Now it runs fantastic!! Better than any 950 carb'd bike I've ridden. It has a totally smooth throttle from 2000-6000, no abrupt throttle, no surges, no glitches. It is trials-bike smooth down low and just builds with revs.

I used to slip the clutch when transitioning from off throttle to on throttle, now I never touch the clutch. It gets a consistent 40 mpg and is a little flat above 7k compared to dual exhaust. But, since I run it mostly in the 3-5k range all the time, it works great.

I'd suggest that you break in the bike. Don't modify the engine much for the first 5k miles to keep the warranty intact, then go for it during the first valve adjust. Change your oil and filter a lot in the first 3000 miles. I did mine at 300, 1500 and 3000 and wished I had done it more often.

Use TuneECU to mark your throttle tube for % throttle opening and watch it for a while. Look at the stock map when you find a rpm/throttle combo you don't like. Make small changes and ride it for 500 miles. Power-Tripp's maps are a very good starting point if you pull the stock mufflers.
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