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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
The plot thickens:

Interview with Peirer

Nieuwsmotor: Why Husqvarna when, with Husaberg, you already have a similar marque?

Stefan Pierer: “We think that with Husqvarna, there’s a specific niche to tackle. With this brand, we want to focus on competing with Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. We’d like to move the brand to selling 10,000 units per year, then continue watching. For that, Husqvarna needs to go back to it’s roots, it’s strayed too far.”

“The brand has a wonderful history, but a completely wrong model lineup and is on completely the wrong track. The dealer network was not ready to sell two-cylinder street models.”

“We will work with Husqvarna to go back to its origins. We’ll soon be back in motocross and then in supermoto, both sports in which Husqvarna previously dominated. Within the next year, we will make an appropriate motorcycle developed with the specifications and character Husqvarna needs.”

So at first I thought that Peirer would leave KTM and resurrect Husky, seems that was wrong and KTM are indeed buying the Swedish brand. Did I hear someone say homogenization of offroad bikes?

And of course that leaves SpeedBrain out in the cold, it sounds like Peirer wants Husky to focus on MX and supermoto
Actually I read this as Off-Road, not just MX. The Dakar is on a lot of OUR minds, but not nesc. the general public, so his comments might have reflected that. Perhaps Husky has never been 'the' title contender in Dakar, but it's always been off road and I have to guess he's reflecting on this.

As BMW 'can't honor' their obligations, SpeedBrain contracts could be 'adjusted' like so many contracts I've seen. Though I suspect they'll keep working with the 449 for the next couple years whether it stays Husky or BMW. If the engineering rights are really theirs, it could be interesting to see what they did as an independent too...

As for Husaberg, it was sad to see the homologation, but they needed something to stay alive. The way Pierer talks, I can't see that he wants to turn Husky into another 'Berg. From the sound of the actual money being moved around, he's in charge, and KTM will be involved, but they are keeping things seperate. More like a Toyota/Yamaha motor technology collaboration in the end perhaps?

Guess I'm just hopeful...
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