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There are a couple guys who have not gotten their props here.

1. Michael Irvin...perhaps the greatest impact player I have seen at the position. When they needed a play, he got it done, physically. I can hear the groans nationwide. Perhaps not your favorite personality, but he was the man on the field. Too bad he was a cowboy, but it was a good fit.

2. Lance Alworth--just a fantastic talent. Nuff said on that. If he played today, he'd be making bazillions. Pay the man!


3. The future best of all time...Megatron. The lad has so much talent, makes it happen even though they know it is going to happen. Team...not so good. Just a joy to watch play ball.

That's all.

I would get so frustrated with Moss, spittle would fly. He telegraphed the plays that were not to him by taking them off. Just not a team guy, screw him, he is dud in a team game. Heck, he even took plays off that were his call if he wanted to. Good thing he is a legend in his own mind.
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