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Last week while we had ice dripping from the trees..

I was fooling around with colouring cakes...
And shape .. It was a Square cake ,Sorry no pic of that..
Here have a taste..

Each layer from Bottom to top....
Blackheart Cherry jam..
Apricot jam
Pineapple topping ..
Yes all the stuff I make and can each year...
The frosting was Black butter cream that was kinda of a fail..
It came out as Dark Purple But it was tasty..

I left the cat to fold the laundry..

I checked on her an hour later .. She didn't get very far..
But I think she might have moved a little ..

Yesterday I made Homemade Milkyway candy bars,, Fun size..
All from scratch....

Yeah yeah I know you can run down to the store and buy them..
But hey these things are Awesome !!
And NOT as sweet as store ones..
But I'll admit they are a royal PITA ...
Well worth it...

The day before yesterday I made my own version of Peco Flake candy..
I used Pecans & Almonds instead of Peanuts...
It's kind of like a brittle...

Today is SuperBowl Sunday.. And That's why the candies..
HB wanted some candy he asked if I would make something and well ,of course I made him It's what I do...

Today I'll make Pizza and I have homemade Poppers in the deep freeze, that I made last year...

I just hope it's a good hard knocking game

And I'll end this with a cool sunset.. From a few weeks ago..
Sorry it's a tad fuzzy..
I think the batteries were kind of weak for the cold...

Life is what you make of it~If it don't fit make alterations
Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
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