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Originally Posted by CharlesLathe View Post
First three words: Not a motorcycle.

It's a commuter vehicle. They don't make much sense for those who ride for adventure because of their limited range.

If electric vehicles ever become really popular, they will drive up the cost of electricity and people will spend their winters in colder apartments and houses. I say, stick with energy dense fossil fuels for motor vehicles.

Regards, Chuck
The whole idea of electric vehicles is that they eliminate the need to police 300 million individual points of pollution generation and slim it down to a few hundred power plants that don't move around. Coal and Natural Gas is going to be cheaper than distilled petroleum for the foreseeable future. The nice thing about electricity, is that as the fossil fuels become more expensive due to their finite nature, more solar and wind farms are built to step in and help. Still though, the gear head in me isn't ready to switch, or even really experiment yet.

I hope it'll be like Back to the Future. In Back to the Future you had retrofit centers that would convert ground vehicles into flying vehicles for the new air express ways. Well, along that line: I hope that while the technology improves as electric motors and batteries get better: we'll be able to retrofit our vehicles to keep up and repower them in the same way. There is a precedence for that: When they eliminated lead in fuels, the solution to fix the wear on the valves was to install hardened valve seats. Where's damn my microfusion powered flying motorcycle? Science has 2 more years to get it done.

I will say that as far as electric progression: electric motors and batteries have pretty much replaced the small nitro/diesel engines in RC vehicles. LiPo batteries and brushless motors -imo- destroy the Nitro vehicles in performance, simplicity, and cost. I don't know many people who miss the nitro engines except for the hardcore old timers. That said, tiny 4-stoke gas engines (not nitro) and the jet turbines are still bad ass in comparison.

LiPo batteries are going to start being more popular in full sized electric and hybrid cars, and it's going to be interesting as they progress and get cheaper. Especially the accidents. Right now the 787 is having some issues with them, for example. In RC vehicles, if you discharge or recharge them too quickly, they can catch fire.

That said:

Something that looks like this, is obviously a god damn motorcycle, no matter what it's range may be. It is a two wheeled vehicle with a power source. It's a motorcycle.
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