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Routes and via point limits on the 350LM

Based upon the discussion in the big Montana thread where Mr. DLH62C had created a couple of routes to test the 50 shaping or via point limit of the Montana, I decided to try something similar with the 350, to see how it would handle things.

I used DLH62C's 52ViaPoint route and deleted some of his points and added more of my own, not that that really matters.

What I learned is that the 350LM appears to have a 29 via point limit in a route, BUT the interesting thing it does is that if you put a larger than 29 via point route onto the unit, and tell it to navigate, it will tell you that the route exceeds 29 via points and then automagically split it into 2 routes, keeping the same route name, but adding a 1 and a 2 after the name respectively. I did not have a route with more than 58 points, so I wonder if it would split that into 3 routes?
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