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Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
My name is Jake. To be honest,
Hi Jake, future business lesson one never write or say to a client "to be honest" or any of the variations thereof. Old guys like me just assume that you will then have been or will be lying to us.

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
I am currently designing a mid to heavy weight Dual Sport/Adventure motorcycle (not a mx conversion dual sport, but more like a KTM 690 or BMW G 650GS) for a Project and I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to help me out with a few questions I have!
Sure, first of all make the bike lighter

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
Please start off by introducing yourself and the bike you ride, skill level or rider experience, how often you ride, what type of riding you do, and hobbies... etc.
I am in 57 years old. I have twice finished the Iron Butt Rally and completed 20 IBA Certified rides. I have ridden all over this continent and now have shipped a Europe. I have ridden about 500,000 kms in the last 12 years.

I have taken a lot of riding classes and completed the equivalent of week one of the motor officer's course.

I have over a dozen rides into the arctic.I am a competent but cautious off pavement rider. Off pavement is gravel and dirt roads not single track

Motorcycles Currently owned

2007 KTM 990 ADV (now lives in Europe)
2008 BMW K 1200 GT
2012 Yamaha Super Tenere

Prior MC's

2005 Honda Goldwing GL 1800
2004 BMW K1200LT
2003 BMW 1150 GS Adventure
2001 BMW 1150GS

I used to ride year round but decided I didn't need to ride in shitty weather anymore. I will plate my Tenere next week and all the bikes are off the road by November 30

I do long distance touring and regular around town stuff. We are are riding in Iceland in May and Europe for two weeks in September

I ski (former pro patroller), target shoot,am a hobby photographer, go to art galleries , and walk 3.2 miles every day

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
Do you ride your Dual Sport/Adventure motorcycle more On or Off the road?

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
What features about the bike do you most admire or lead you to purchasing the motorcycle?
Ergonomics I am 6'4" tall
ABS brakes
light weight
21" front wheel (KTM only)

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
What do you generally look for in a motorcycle when it comes time to purchasing one?
See above

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
What type of emotions or experiences are evoked when riding your Dual Sport/Adventure motorcycle?
No phone, living in the moment, experiencing life

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
If you were to design the perfect motorcycle for you what features would it have
It would be set up with the stuff that is proven to work and have some long desired features

Here is my list

HID or LED headlights that actually light up the road

Directional signals that are LED big an visible and built into the MC so that they don't get knocked off and broken. Brake light tht is huge and bright

Already plugs installed for heated gear with heavy gauge wire. triple tree pre threaded for ram mounts

Over capacity alternator

A centre stand that does not need gravity defiance to engage

A decent bash plate and engine guards

footpegs that a size 12 boot will fit on, the same goes for rear brake and shifter levers

a scotts steering stabilizer as standard

21" tubeless front wheel spoked, 18" on rear
switchable abs

a decent horn and mirrors that don't need extension or vibrate all day

one piece seat to make it easier when a custom seat is purchased.
runs on regular gas

MC comes with a decent tool kit that fits everything on bike

two gas tank options 5.5 and 11.3 (drop and swap)

creative rear exhaust to keep bike narrow. perhaps under seat with guard

mc should be able to carry hard bags 100 liters capacity and still be 34" wide or splitting.

100 hp & equivalent torque

basic service that anyone can do. Oil/filter change in less than 10 without having to give bike a colonoscopy

external fuel filter and pump

Air filter that is an easy job

chain drive

simple panel that switches imperial to metric

heated grips real handlever guards

under 450 pounds dry

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
Again, I would really appreciate your help!
It would be a nice gesture to share your project and grade on here

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
Thank you!
You are welcome
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