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Well, so much for that. After struggling to find a decent mounting location on the limited space on the zuma bars I given up on getting the spitfire to fit right. The main issue for me was that the arms of the windscreen are not quite long enough and need to be bent at a slightly different angle than they come. I may tackle it again another day. The mock-ups I did with it look so much better than the yamaha screen, but I may just give in and buy the yamaha screen. I'll probably end up with another DR650 someday so I'll just hold onto it.
Never give up! With about 30 minutes of fab work this morning I made a 7/8 inch "crossbar" for the zuma to give me a nice mounting point for the spitfire. This is all prototype so far with a lot of rough edges and nothing has been snugged down or road tested, but it does look promising. If it works well I will paint the conduit black or spray it with plasti-dip.
I am a serious believer in the yamaha screen, but I do have to give this one a win in the looks department. If I get the factory set-up I may see if I can at least mount the spitfire screen to the oem hardware. Of course that will leave me with 2 open large holes and 6 new ones.

Here are the unfinished teaser pics.

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