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I have hardly had time to catch my breath since arriving in Medellin. It is the weekend and I need to get SOAT insurance for the bike before heading out into the countryside Orlando tells me. I will follow his sage advice and get some insurance on Monday. Colombia will confiscate uninsured bikes. That wouldn't do.

With no transportation I am limited to walking around the neighborhood and taking pictures of 50's Chevy moving trucks:

I haven't had easy access to internet and have been spending my time trying to keep up with Orlando. He's a mover and a shaker and knows how to get things done. Yesterday morning we hit the Metro station early and hopped a bus at the end of the line up to Eduardos shop. Here Eduardo is finishing up the new Sherpa wheel. Just had to grind down the spoke tips:

before putting the rim tape, tube and tire back on:

here is the new set of front forks for the Sherpa with the original triples bolted to the new fork legs. He welded a new bracket on the left fork lower to accommodate the Sherpa caliper:

and here Orlando is overseeing Eduardo as he makes spacers to keep the new forks parallel to the rebuilt wheel:

He had to run down on his Honda 90 to do some final machining to get the parts to work with the axle. Here is his shop bike:

And a '74 XL185 he is fixing up for a customer:

Hailed a taxi and hauled the wheel and forks back to the parking garage where the mechanic and Orlando helped put the front end on. It was pretty easy since the original Sherpa triple clamps had all the same mounting points for the fender, headlight and instrument panel.

It was raining hard all afternoon, so perfect weather for bike maintenance and assembly.

South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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