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Bike prep?

Finally decided it was time to investigate the damage from my crash at BRS. I finished up PT for my knee injury this week and and feeling pretty good. Not 100% but feels better every day.

The bike is not looking quite as good.

Front wheel I already knew was toast:

But I thought the hub might be OK... nope:

Forks actually look like they might be OK, but lower triple clamp is twisted:

Rear mount on the fuel tank got yanked out, at least this can be fixed with epoxy I figure:

Radiator got pushed forward quite a ways, but appears to be intact. I think I can straighten it:

Frame also appears to be a bit tweaked. I pulled the upper motor mount and after pulling the bolts the holes don't line up quite right anymore. I fear it may never handle right after this.

Also the engine won't run, I still can't get any spark. Been diagnosing it and have not figured out what is wrong yet. Hopefully just a wire got yanked loose someplace.

Sandblast is starting to look less likely now. I could ride my old DRZ but honestly work might get in the way anyway. Starting my new job tomorrow, will have to see how likely getting a day or two off in another month is.
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