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Please start off by introducing yourself and the bike you ride, skill level or rider experience, how often you ride, what type of riding you do, and hobbies... etc.

My name is Chris, I ride a KLR, moderate amounts of experience, daily when in season, I commute and ride two tracks on the weekend and really enjoy week plus touring trips. Oh yea, I am a Pisces.

Do you ride your Dual Sport/Adventure motorcycle more On or Off the road?

i ride both but end up 60% on the asphalt due to commuting.

What features about the bike do you most admire or lead you to purchasing the motorcycle?
reliability, ease of DIY maintenance, style
What do you generally look for in a motorcycle when it comes time to purchasing one?
Value, sub $10k
What type of emotions or experiences are evoked when riding your Dual Sport/Adventure motorcycle?
freedom, sense of adventure,
Again, I would really appreciate your help!

Thank you![/QUOTE]

Do a search for "ccm adventure". That moto has me enamored and I really hope it comes to this continent.
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