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Originally Posted by Ridingman1 View Post
I tend to let things go on the weekends: not shave and wear jeans. I look more like the rugged, GS rider, rather than the corporate professional, married with three kids. The guy had his son with him, and I think he was trying to show his son that guys who ride motorcycles have jobs to support the activity.
Ah. That makes a lot more sense. How old was the kid? Probably been lusting after a GS and thinks daddy should buy it for him. I had a female engineer tell me that recently her nephew had assumed that every adult that worked made the same wage, and they did the job because it's what made them happy..... seriously, that a store clerk made the same as a doctor. This was a high-school kid, not a 8 year old. Our "everybody is special" approach to child rearing isn't working.

Sticking to the intent of the thread, I regularly get "Aren't you cold?"
And I tell them "Nahhh. If it gets too cold, I just roll up the windows and turn on the heat" while pointing at the windscreen and heattroller. I ride a BMW RT.
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