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With a small start up company such as Ryca delays are to be expected. I know we're all used to lightning fast service because we commonly only deal with large corporations on a day to day basis, but this isn't some fortune 500 company we're talking about. Small business doesn't have the resources to accomplish things in the speed we're accustomed to, especially a new company. They will have their hiccups and sometimes nothing can be done about them. I'm sure the people at Ryca are trying to get this kit done as quickly as possible. They probably don't like telling their customers to wait over and over again and they don't want to lose any sales. If they had the power to get this kit out at the original promised date they would have.

It's the patience of customers like OP here that give companies the sales help them grow into bigger more efficient operations.

And I'm sure the Ryca employees are appreciative that you're not being an asshole about it.

That being said, looks like a cool build.
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