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Originally Posted by Sateev View Post
AleXtz: actually, there is no gasket under the valve cover. You just need to CAREFULLY use Suzukibond (or Threebond, or Yamahabond, or WhateverBond - they're all black and all the same), and put a a SMALL bead all the way around the sealing surface, including around the holes. Be sure to clean the cover and head surfaces COMPLETELY of all the old sealer, and torque the bolts in the correct sequence and to the correct torque. Unless the thing is BADLY bent, it will seal up perfectly. Don't forget to replace the rubber cam plug (no sealer there). It's really easy, if you are patient, and methodical, and will be as good as new.

Appreciate you sharing your knowledge Sateev, i really do. That makes sense, u know right now im in the curve of knowing from head to toes this bike and this info. is really worth gold. I get the point in beading with threebond the right way. Rubber cam plug is #17 on this blueprint right?

Because that plug is all nasty covered with threebond, will replace.

And now i realize the petcock is leaking gas but im already checking the previous posts on this thread where go over this topic though. I hope no one smokes around the moto parking spot at school until i get it fixed

Thanx again Sateev, cheers!
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