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worth the extra spend

Originally Posted by j1sisner View Post
Hey thanks for the help. I was being a tad dramatic when I said 'rigors' of sidecar riding. It is much, much, more physical than riding on a motorcycle though. And my leanout is particularly far which made driving in the left lane on the freeway a nightmare. I wasn't exactly prepared for it. Anyway, I've since got myself a strom so I'll still be able to lean a bike. I'll keep it on the market and learn as I go. If it sells, it sells.
worth the extra spend. A well set up outfit can be a pleasure to ride, thats a great outfit, it may be worth you going to an expert to get the front end sorted, might cost a bit but would be better for you and any future riders (purchasers) my guess is you would keep it if it was great to ride.
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