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Originally Posted by EtronX View Post
Nope. You need solid boots for protection. If I didn't have my cross boots when I toppled over and did the submariner in the river, there is a great risk I would have injured my foot

Again, wet feet is no problem. In the morning they look OK again. You can, as Walter and Terry does, use SealSkinz waterproof socks. Your boots are wet, but feet stay dry. Until the next deep river of course
And as we keep saying, everything has to be carried-so you have 2 sets of footwear...your moto-boots, and one other that has to fulfill every other use....usually-but not always-sandals. If one took everything...or even half the things one might conceivably need...hammer, saw, axe, spares-(a vice!) clothing variants, more detailed maps, you'd need a support vehicle following (and I'm not saying that's wrong-it's just not what this group want)or have a bike so heavy...

Said it all before.
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