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Um daryl, where exacly does someome (or Garmin) say that Shaping points are not part of the allowable total of 51 via points. For that matter where are we getting the 51 via point limitation from - experiments like dlh62's files?
The 50 via- point limit comes from Garmin. The files I posted were to show at what number of via-points, the gps fails to successfully load a route. I agree with Bill Murray in that; “(From a programming standpoint, I assume the via points are loaded into an array that begins with a base value of zero and has a maximum value of 50, resulting in 51 location values being used for the route calculation).”
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Do you make any claims about how many shaping points the Montana supports for routing? ?
No! The only claim I make is that I’m a Smart-Ass! A route is an ordered set of via points. Via-points are used to shape the route.
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And others claim 250 max shaping points but what does that mean? ?
There may be some confusion between a ‘Route’ and a ‘Track’. If you’re inserting via-points to shape a 'Route', you can't exceed 50. If you’re inserting trackpoints to shape a 'Track', you can have hundreds if not thousands. When I search the net, I come across sites, including this one, where it’s been stated that 250 points can be used for ‘Off Road Navigation’. I haven’t been able to prove that.


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