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Originally Posted by dlh62c View Post
There may be some confusion between a ‘Route’ and a ‘Track’. If you’re inserting via-points to shape a 'Route', you can't exceed 50. If you’re inserting trackpoints to shape a 'Track', you can have hundreds if not thousands. When I search the net, I come across sites, including this one, where it’s been stated that 250 points can be used for ‘Off Road Navigation’. I haven’t been able to prove that.
The 250 point maximum is for Direct Routing.

The Montana can display up to 10,000 track points at one time, which for example could be one track with 10,000 points, or simultaneously displaying 10 tracks with 1,000 points each. I had several tracks in excess of 5,000 points while riding the Continental Divide last summer and the Montana had no problems with them. If I tried to display a new track, which due to the tracks already displayed, would push the total track point total over 10,000, then the Montana would gray out and deactivate the menu button for displaying that particular track and I would have to go back and turn off some other tracks before continuing.

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