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Leaving. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. In the case of our trips, it's usually not the smoothest (see previous details of 3,000 mile trip departure). In this case, it involved my significant other having worked the night shift the night before this particular departure. In other words….She'd be coming home from working all night only to get on the Ducati to ride the short stint to the Corbin seat factory, where we were headed to have a lower seat made for her new Streetfighter 848. Just a few days before she insisted she'd be fine. What can I say, she's a trooper.
So gist of this trip: Go to the Corbin factory in Hollister (about 90 miles from us) to have a seat made and make a road trip out of it. The weather was supposed to be nice out and we had a few days to do it in. This would be a good time to go to Cambria, a small seaside town we drove through on our drive/move here from Florida just a few years ago. With that as our destination and turn-around point the next stop after that would be on the way back, to Monterey, staying the night there and riding home the following day. So enough of that. Off we go…..

We left at noon. The ride to Hollister would take about an hour and a half and was pretty straight forward (boring). Mainly stupor-highway, which we rarely take on our trips. Didn't really have much choice though. I knew we'd have to get there pretty quick to get started on the seat. The seat fitting process they said usually takes about 4 hours from the fitting and forming to the upholstery. They knew we were going to be arriving late and that we would likely have to come back to finish the next morning. No problem. We were staying down the road so we'd just stop there on our way out towards Cambria the next morning.
After Garmina took me to what it THOUGHT was the hotel (where I planned to stop real quick to check in and drop off our bags) but was actually a fence-post along side some farm-land, I punched in the address to Corbin instead. That, it didn't screw up. We got to Corbin right around 1:30 or so and when we pulled up they opened the garage door for us in order to bring both bikes inside:

Let me back-track for just a second: A few weeks back we installed a fender eliminator on each of our bikes. When we did so we somehow shorted out the rear license plate light on her bike. Fast forward to the trip down the highway towards Hollister, where I noticed Stephanie's headlight wasn't working either. Makes sense. It never even occurred to me at the time, but the tail-light and headlight….you get the picture. So back to the Corbin factory and the seat fitting process. While they had the seat off we figured we'd look into the fuse for the Headlight. The fuse which was labeled as the headlight seemed fine, so we wondered if it might be something else. Guess we'll have to look into it later tonight back at the hotel.

The guy helping us at Corbin was helpful and as I would think would be a necessity for this kind of work, patient. There was a lot of back and forth, some laughs and ultimately, a comfy/lower seat shaped for her. I'll spare you the back and forth involved in picking the materials used to cover it, but if any of you are married or live with someone… know how that went.

At least OUR seat was moving along quicker than the other poor basted that was there. He had been sent by the motorcycle shop he works for to get a seat done the previous day and had also spent the night. When he was looking it over he turned to me and said they had gotten the stitching wrong…..oops. guess he was going to be there a bit longer. Then, after going out to his truck, he locked his keys in it. Poor guy had stayed the night and just wanted to get back home to his wife and kids.

So at this point it's almost 4 o'clock and neither one of us had had lunch and Stephanie needed some sleep. They close at 4:30, so the plan was to get out of there, go to the hotel, check-in and leave in search of food. The hotel was only 2 miles down the road so that shouldn't take too long. We were pretty hungry AND Stephanie was without a functioning headlight so we went looking for the sushi place Stephanie found on Yelp which was just a block or so away from the hotel. Unfortunately though, it wouldn't open for another 20 minutes. So back towards the hotel to check in and drop our stuff off.

Our home for the night:

The hotel was decent for what we needed. The lady that checked us in was nice enough and pointed me in the direction of the first floor room I requested, with parking in front of it.

After a few minutes and with bags in the room, we left to get food.

Hollister isn't the most sophisticated place in the world, so I was somewhat surprised at the prices of the sushi in this place. It' wasn't cheap!! And yet, after a while the place was pretty packed. Who knew?? Maybe it was because we were so hungry, but the food was good. The service was good and the staff was friendly. All in all…a good experience. Good job again, Yelp.

One not so encouraging thing from dinner was when one of the waiters, who had come over to ask about the bikes, mentioned how bikes were being stolen so often in that area. THANKS for the words of encouragement buddy. No really, not the words you want to hear when traveling. And yeah, they're insured, but that would really out a damper on any trip, wouldn't it?

We finished up dinner and made our way back to the hotel. It was dark already and Stephanie would be riding behind me with no headlight. Good thing it was only just a few blocks away. I couldn't see her at all until she switched on her turn signal and used it as a marker of sorts. We made it back and parked in front of the room. A lot of trucks in the lot. Apparently theres a good bit of workers in town for this reason or the other.

Time to unpack and shower and of course, order more food. It was a damn early dinner for me so I would need more food before going to sleep. Some steamed chicken and broccoli would be delivered to us right around 9 o'clock, then some TV and off to bed. Tomorrow we'd pick up the seat and head towards Cambria, along HWY-1.
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