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Originally Posted by AlaskaDave View Post
One of the reasons I bought the Montana was because it has the ability to use "custom maps". My idea was that in certain areas in Thailand where no roads appear on the OSM maps I could use the Google Earth images as a guide, driving them with a GPS and then adding those roads to the OSM map later. However, after playing around with this approach for a few days and suffering through the frustrating tedium of correctly geolocating those images I began to reevaluate the idea of using Birdseye imagery for my map making efforts.

I've read quite a bit of the info about Garmin Birdseye imagery and have not been impressed. The customer comments on Amazon are very negative and what I've been able to ferret out in here and on other forums is far from positive. The money isn't the concern -- $30 a year is peanuts for a good mapping alternative to the GE images. But if the imagery is indeed inferior or out of date as many reviewers say, I don't want to waste my time on it.

Do any of you have experience with Birdseye positive or negative you'd care to share? And more specifically, have any of you have tried the images for Thailand or SE Asia?
I've just used GE to make tracks for a 3500 km offroad ride across Eastern Indonesia I'm taking in April where there are no maps. The last 2 months I've been glued to the computer, creating the trail - quite a trip in itself. But GE overall is a great way to create tracks & maps where there's no decent maps IMO - Not Birdseye from what I've seen so far.

2 days ago I've just taken possession of a new 650 Montana to store the tracks for the ride. My plan with Birdseye is to load images where my "Heres Hoping" Trail Creation may need some backup (eg. not sure about the trail I mapped, clouds over the top of some volcano obscuring GE or whatever). At this stage I'm not sure if Birdseye will help with this or not as its early days with the unit & software. From what I've seen so far it probably will.

I've been able to download all the Birdseye imagery I've wanted surrounding my trails. I havn't paid for anything yet though, just viewed it in Basecamp, as I'm still experimenting with it, so may end up with the same problems your're having. Is this a Thailand only thing ?
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